Black Secret

mPedigree deployed it’s award-winning Goldkeys technology to secure Black Secret's range of products. Acodion was largely used in brand promotion and to help increase awareness and solidify consumer integrity. Positive feedbacks were recorded across all section of Black Secret's consumer  base.

Fidson Astymin

Acodion is playing a major role in the brand protection and awareness campaign launched by multinational Fidson Healthcare for one of their major brands, Astymin. Data intelligence gathered by Acodion has been deployed to effectively position ASTYMIN as a trusted and recognised brand across multiple market spectrums.

Infographic: How Acodion Boost Your Brand

Boosting your brand with Acodion is very easy with our highly intuitive platform ensuring you are ready to go in a few steps. This, powered by our award-winning consolidated brand management platform, Goldkeys provides your best chance in securing and simultaneous deepening loyalty to drive sales and maximise profits.

See Acodion in action in this infographic.